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The pocket square is back. Most designers in Italy do not make matching pocket sqaures for the tie. that might be hard to find. Stefano Ricci and Brioni still produce this matching option, however in limited designs. Sartorial Italian tie and suit makers might not produce pocket squares for seasons. Gucci had the popular plain white pocket square last season, many other designer carried that design too. Emilio Pucci continues to design colorful floral and other unique designs in cotton and silk. Most trendy is the slight pocket square sticking out with very calm designs. Try to match 1 of the colors of the tie or for non-business dressing go bold with a pink polka dot pocket square or brown houndstooth design from Tom Ford.

Brioni has some white with blue, navy borders cotton pochette for the summer.

Pocket Squares only hand rolled in Italy of course. Conservative brands stay with navy, dark navy and white with solid designs, mini dots and solid with different border colors.

Silk pocket squares for the conservative, fashion conscious men:
Givenchy pochette . Valentino Pochette . Robert Talbott Pochette . Luigi Borrelli Pochette

Silk pocket squares for the trendy, fashion conscious men: (as seen in GQ)
Tom Ford pochette . Emilio Pucci Pochette . Hermes Pochette
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